Saturday, 1 June 2013

Veggie Love

I've always liked vegetables, but during these past two months of vegetariansm, I've literally fell in love with them. I pack my sandwiches with as many as possible, and always try and have plenty on the side of my meals. The best part about them is that you can eat so much, but never get that heavy, too-full-to-function feeling. You just feel great, energized and filled with awesome vitamins and such.

 But, I've got to admit my biggest downfall has been resorting to eating cheese and bread when in a rush, especially since I would like to eventually transition to veganism.
But I will do my research like a good vegetarian and start finding better on-the-go food choices.

Now lets celebrate with a little bit of vegetarian foodporn...

Goodmorning yum!

blueberry chutney & pear toast / berries, yogurt & walnuts
zuchini & brocoli scramble (best bf ever) / apples & yogurt with banana nutella toast

Afternoon pick-me-ups

homemade three-bean salad / strawberry, pineapple, spinach salad 
apple & cheese and spinach & avocado toasts / veggie fajita with homemade bean,rice&asparagus salad

Summer night suppers

garden burger with guacamole / chickpea patty ( good sub for breaded chicken!)
corn on the cob with a summer salad / veggie dogs with even more veggies

June is here and I just cant wait for all the summer excitement that's to come.
Moksha has been helping me get into summer shape along with my trusty bicycle that I adore.

Happy Summer

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