Sunday, 28 July 2013

First Try DIY

So this past Winter I decided to take up knitting. A little irrelevant this time of year? ...
I know, but I had to share my first knitting accomplishment with the world! I have always been so fascinated with knitted clothing and accessories. It flabbergasts me how one long string can become a mesh of knots that magically stay together in weird formations and keep you warm and cozy.

I was pleasantly surprised at how simple the basic knitting stitch is for a regular scarf but,
my downfall was the tricky bumpy bulky yarn I decided to use. It was just too cool to resist!
My knitting teacher Chantal knew I did myself in for a tough time with my first scarf when she saw it.
I went ahead with it anyway, and after 6 months of trying to squeeze in knitting time,
not knowing I was adding stitches (and more time) to each row as I was going along,
this was my result...

Oopsie! Nothing a little thread and needle can't fix, I said to myself.
I decided to make a tube/infinity scarf contraption. I sewed the two long sides together to create the tube and then sewed the two ends together to create the circle.

  TADA! The result was shockingly amazing, and comfy!
  I forgot to take a photo of the scarf by itself so you could see the actual shape of it -_-
  But here is my happy friend sporting her 7-month delayed birthday present :)

 The wider part of the "scarf" where I accidentally added a whole bunch of stitches makes it so you can wear it as a cute little hooded scarf or a super neck-warming scarf!!

(p.s. how in the heck do you rotate photos on Blogger?!)

So it turns out my inherent "screw-up" turned out to be a beautifully cozy mistake.
It seems that most of my projects always end up getting messier and less organized than I had planned,
but you know what, that's what makes them me. Without all those quirks and tweaks, my DIYs wouldn't have my clumsy character sprinkled into it that I've learnt to love over the years.

So here's to trying new things, and loving every little mistake you make along the way :)

xo M

Sunday, 14 July 2013

Summer Adventures

So I've been pretty M.I.A. this past month.
Summer has a way of letting you forget what day of the week or even what time it is. I just love it.
But not when you realize that the things you were looking most forward to are suddenly over.
I wish I could go back and relive this past month over again & eliminate all the times I felt stressed, overwhelmed or frustrated.
Turning 19 shocked me in the sense that I felt like my teenagehood just passed me by & I wasted a lot of time either doing nothing, or being stressed out.
Life is so short & theres almost never anything good that comes from being stressed.
And so from now on I am trying to live in the moment. 
No stressing about whats to come or what happened, but just enjoying right now, 'cause its all we got.

Here are some adventures this past month including camping, my birthday at Escapade & Canada Day.
Hope you enjoy<3

 Some DIY posts coming soon!
xo, M