Sunday, 14 July 2013

Summer Adventures

So I've been pretty M.I.A. this past month.
Summer has a way of letting you forget what day of the week or even what time it is. I just love it.
But not when you realize that the things you were looking most forward to are suddenly over.
I wish I could go back and relive this past month over again & eliminate all the times I felt stressed, overwhelmed or frustrated.
Turning 19 shocked me in the sense that I felt like my teenagehood just passed me by & I wasted a lot of time either doing nothing, or being stressed out.
Life is so short & theres almost never anything good that comes from being stressed.
And so from now on I am trying to live in the moment. 
No stressing about whats to come or what happened, but just enjoying right now, 'cause its all we got.

Here are some adventures this past month including camping, my birthday at Escapade & Canada Day.
Hope you enjoy<3

 Some DIY posts coming soon!
xo, M

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