Friday, 7 June 2013

Life, lately

After almost a year of my life being documented through iPhone photos, I have finally bought a new digital camera! Yippeeeee! Although its not the best on the market, it was a great find for my budget and just what I need to keep all my adventures well documented (until I can afford a DSLR... 2 years is the goal!).

This is the camera. It's purple. I love it. Here are some it's flicks of life lately, proudly unedited.

campfire season has begun (eeeek!)
mini bamboo speaker from ebay, best 20$ ever spent!

veggie girl dates
                                                                                +hair wraps, of course.

winter into summer
who doesn't love a boy in uniform?
double dates 
 ultra quick DIY: earring tree :)
made w/ bendy wire from hardware at the Home Depot and a flat rock from PEI

veggie girls can have junk nights, too! ("chicken" nuggets from veggie patch)
ladies night
best healthy "pancakes"
just 2 eggs to 1 mashed banana, cook in a pan like pancakes in oil until golden brown on each side

meet my soul sister, Chanel
this constant rain don't get us down 

loving this company I just discovered! got my first "Boho Glam" box free!
use my referral code 16389065 & get yours too :)

my perfect mat!
been searching for a perfect rug that would double as a permanent yoga mat in my tiny room
finally found one while randomly browsing at Pier 1!
it looks like a classic persian rug but its plastic! perfect for not slipping in my downward doggie

Now I'll say goodnight & go watch another episode of Bob Ross's Joy of Painting, the best sleep-aid ever.

xo M

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  1. Awwh! My mom used to make those egg and banana patties :) Your blog always makes me huungry lol :)