Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Summer DIY Love

So summer has officially started. The weather's been up and down and all around, but with all these summer project and adventure ideas buzzing around in my head, nothing can get me down.
Oh, the fact that I finally got my drivers license also kinda helps (WOOHOOO FREEDOM!).

On another note, being a vegetarian has been going very well for me.
I feel great, my skin seems to look better and I think I've even shed a bit of winter pudge.
But that's probably also cause I've been taking every opportunity to get out of the house, ride my bike, do anything exciting because SCHOOOOOOOLS OUT FOR SUMMER ♪!..couldn't help myself.

Here are some projects I've started from my grand summer project list :)

I started this bag last summer, but as per usual, it ended up piled in my unfinished project box.
 No more procrastination-station this summer! This is going to be the coolest beach bag eva! 
Made from a plain canvas bag with patches of different materials sewn on.

One of the projects I'm most excited about, but least patient for. 
Embroidering these comfy slip-ons from Payless with, yes, bracelet string (it works the best, I swear).
 A girl like me can't stand to see a plain black anything.

Beginnings of a hopeful bicycle ring/earring holder... a lot harder than I had imagined!

 My tried & true jean backpack that has seen oh-so many summer adventures (proof is in the dirt).
The zipper to the big pocket broke a while back, and I finally had the motivation to repair it. 
The front zipper lets me access both pockets so I get convenience and cute!

Okay so this isn't my work, but I couldn't help sharing this headband my best friend made during our craft day. This metal flower had been sitting in my box forever, just waiting for the perfect project. Props to my girl for making it just fabulous!

The piece de resistance of the weekend: acid wash!
I've been wanting to try this for soooo long. Luckily my amazing boyfriend reads my mind and randomly suggested we try it this past weekend. 
Best project of the summer so far, and my puppy likes it too.


Goodnight world, 
and go see the Great Gatsby if you haven't, you're in for a feast for your eyes and ears.



  1. Would love to see how the shoes turn out!

    1. Of course, I will definitely do a post of my finished projects! :)