Friday, 12 April 2013

Becoming a Vegetarian- Week 1

Hi y'all,
So yesterday would mark my first week since I've committed to taking steps to become a vegetarian.
(gosh, time flies these days!)

It was challenging, and I did eat meat a couple times because that's what was served for dinner at home, but taking it slow and getting inspired through different media and other vegetarians really helped:

My humanities class at school is one of the reasons I started seriously considering vegetarianism, and this week we watched a few bits of a documentary called "Earthlings".
I highly encourage anyone who is trying to become a vegetarian or vegan, like myself, to watch this.

After watching just a few select scenes, I don't think I'll be able to ever eat beef or pork again, regardless if my parents are cooking it for a family meal.

Truly eye-opening and quite shell-shocking. Here is the link:

Another source of inspiration for me this week has been this blog I just discovered.
This woman has truly inspired me! She is a full vegan and has a young girl who is also a vegan.
I was so surprised to find out how amazing vegan meals could be, and that it would be possible to make a young child like them too!
With all of her posts about how and why she made the decision, and how delicious all her recipes look,
 I think that after I get used to vegetarianism, I will definitely work hard to become vegan as well.

Thank you OhDearDrea!
& Have a great weekend everyone :)

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